How does registration work?

  • The best way to secure your time on a certain day is through pre-registration. Pre-registration is categorized in two hour increments. Once sold out, no additional tickets will be available.
  • Due to limited availability there is a possibility that each individual day may sell out quickly. Tickets will be sold until each time-slot fills. Time slot maximums can be reached at anytime, and once full we will not accept any additional registrations for those slots.
  • We ask all participants to please show up at the beginning of your time-block at the check-in location, Super Bowl Live, 7th Street and Nicollet Avenue.
  • Event day check-in will open 30 minutes prior to hours of operation, and will close 30 minutes after operational hours.
  • Round trip transportation will be provided by Polaris from Super Bowl Live to and from the event site, and will follow the same hours as check-in.

What are the physical/age requirements and restrictions?

  • The zip-line minimum weight requirement is 75lbs to a maximum of 275lbs.
  • Minimum age requirement of 10 years. •Any participant under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • Guests should be prepared for light physical exertion - the zip-line towers include several flights of stairs.
  • Persons unsure of their physical ability should consult their physician first.
  • Smoking, drugs or alcohol are not permitted on the premises at any time.
  • We reserve the right to deny participants that are found to be endangering the safety of themselves, others, or the environment. Refunds will not be given in this situation.
  • The zip-line is not permitted for women who are pregnant. However, spectators are always welcome.
  • We recommend not wearing your glasses unless they are strapped on or you have a zipper pocket you can put them in.

What to bring/Not bring?

  • Because it’s winter, we recommend wearing layers of outdoor clothing. Generally we suggest wearing the same thing you'd wear skiing or snowboarding.
  • No bags, purses or backpacks are allowed. Please leave any items that don’t fit in your pocket at home or in your vehicle.
  • Secure all loose items (keys, phones, change, etc.) in a sealed pocket. Cameras and Phones that fit in a pocket are allowed for picture taking while on the structure. You are only allowed to use these items while riding if they are secured to your person with a strap or something not allowing the item to fall if dropped.

How do you stop?
The zip-line has a patented braking system. Guests do not have to worry about controlling their own speed, nor are they involved in the braking process, so they can just sit back and enjoy the ride (and views!) We can safely stop riders up to 275 lbs no matter what the wind conditions. What if I want to back out? If you are nervous about zipping, we would first recommend watching other participants. While only measuring 800 feet, these lines are still a healthy length, and distance off the ground. Guests can choose to exit the line, or not to zip at all at their discretion. *There are no refunds given in either scenario.

What if I sign up and can't make it?
While we do not offer refunds, for a small fee you will be able to transfer your registration to another person by logging into your Active account and transferring your pre-registered spot. Transfers are only available until January 19th, 2018.

What is the weather policy?
There are only a few weather conditions that would cause the zip-line experience not to take place. These include:

  • Lightning
  • Heavy Winds
  • Extreme Blizzard Conditions
  • Ice Storms
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Normal winter weather conditions will not impact or compromise the event in any way. While unfortunately we cannot control the weather, trained professionals are in-charge of making any delay or cancellation decisions.

How much time should I expect this to take?
Please arrive early and allow time for the complete experience. When checking in at Super Bowl Live at Nicollet Mall, here’s what your experience includes:

  • Shuttle check-in and transport to event area
  • Drop-off and enter check-in/waiver/harnessing tent
  • Sign waiver, receive harness and instructions
  • Enter Start Tower and proceed to the zip-line start
  • Enjoy the ride!
  • Exit Finish Tower and enter de-harness tent
  • Walk to transport pick-up area - Your leisure

What if I miss my time slot?
You’re only guaranteed for your specific pre-registered time-slot. If you show up outside of your time-block, you will not be guaranteed to experience the event.

Cancellation Policy?
The event comes with significant costs. This includes things like: Materials, Set-up, Insurance, Labor costs, Permits, Etc. In the event of cancellation due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, these costs are still incurred. Because of this, there are no refunds available for any reason.